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Vegan Food & Living Becomes More Than Just A Magazine With The Launch Of Membership Programme

Vegan Food & Living Becomes More Than Just A Magazine With The Launch Of Membership Programme

by Agi Kaja

Introducing Vegan Food & Living Plus!

Over the last few years, Vegan Food & Living have worked hard to be the go-to-resource for the best vegan recipes, product news, lifestyle inspiration and expert features. Every month the magazine features 75 plant-based recipes, nutritional advice, environmental and ethical explorations, product reviews, travel guides and much more!

And through their lovely website, Instagram and Facebook pages, they love to bring the very latest vegan news and also talk to their audience and offer any help and advice – as well as the motivation someone might need to become vegan in the first place.

But they haven’t stopped there – they have created their Vegan Food & Living Plus membership to make the experience of being part of their community even more rewarding. It’s become far more than just a subscription to a magazine! Created for the purpose of supporting their members, and facilitating a space for them to support each other the Vegan Food & Living Plus membership offers a wide range of additional benefits to delight and excite their readers!

What’s included?

As part of the new membership you will receive the magazine. Yes, their brilliant magazine worth £4.99 delivered to your door every single month. No queues, no searching the supermarket shelves, no dog-eared copies. You get FREE access to every issue of Vegan Food & Living, dating back to their very first issue, plus each new edition as it’s published. 

You get 10% off Bloombox Club – all of the plants, pots, accessories and even plant subscriptions. You get 10% off Cooks & Co’s veritable feast of ingredients from around the world – with an entire Vegan Society Approved range you can’t go wrong!

And there’s more stuff too: like 10% off all back issues, 10% off other magazines and subscriptions in the Anthem portfolio and members-only videos. And more treats on their way!

Amazing! What’s the catch?

There is no catch – it costs the same as a print subscription alone! So that’s £10.45 every 3 months, that’s all – all of those benefits, and you’re still saving 30% off the cover price.

It’s not just a magazine; it’s a whole community of vegans to be supported by, to gain advice from and to be a part of. Become a Vegan Food & Living Plus member today!

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Agi Kaja

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