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NOMO Launches Hazelnot Egg Right In Time For Easter

NOMO Launches Hazelnot Egg Right In Time For Easter

by Agi Kaja

There's new choc on the block and you won't believe it's vegan and free from! 

Popular vegan chocolate brand NOMO has launched a new flavoured chocolate egg for Easter.

The Hazelnot Egg is a nutty hazelnut flavoured chocolate but it's entirely nut-free. So you can go nuts for no nuts! 

With crispy rice pieces, cocoa nibs and a nut free flavour, NOMO Hazelnot is perfect treat for vegans and those with allergies to milk, gluten, egg or nuts. 

NOMO wants to make sure as many chocolate lovers as possible could enjoy NOMO - so that's why their products are allergy-free. NOMO chocolate is suitable for chocoholics, vegans and those who have an allergy or intolerance to dairy, gluten, egg or nuts.

The box also includes a small packet of drop-shaped Hazelnot chocolates that are perfect for snacking and baking.

The Hazelnot Egg joins the NOMO Easter egg range that includes three other flavours: Creamy Choc Easter EggCaramel & Sea Salt Easter EggFruit Crunch Easter Egg

Creamy Choc Easter Egg is a super creamy and indulgent vegan chocolate. Caramel & Sea Salt Easter Egg has an incredibly creamy taste featuring sweet caramel and sea salt flavour.

Fruit Crunch Easter Egg makes the perfect combination of smooth creamy vegan choc with crunchy crispy pieces and juicy raisins. All egg boxes in the range include a chocolate bar. 

The Hazelnot Egg together with Creamy Choc Easter Egg, Caramel & Sea Salt Easter Egg and Fruit Crunch Easter Egg are available to buy online in TheVeganKind Supermarket.

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