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Vegan Food & Living Magazine Is Becoming More Eco-Friendly

Vegan Food & Living Magazine Is Becoming More Eco-Friendly

by Agi Kaja

UK's most popular vegan magazine Vegan Food & Living announced that is now made with carbon balanced paper and using fully recyclable paper wrap for the subscriber copies. 

 The company pledged to eliminate a minimum of 250,000 thousand plastic wraps from the subscriptions mailing, every year. Additionally, all paper used in the publication of Vegan Food & Living magazine is now carbon balanced.

Vegan Food & Living wrote in a statement: 'As a brand, we are conscious of the environment, and we know that our community is too, so we’re really thrilled to announce that we will be switching to deliver Vegan Food & Living copies to our members in paper wrap to support our planet and the environment.

As a sustainable and renewable source, we are happy to reassure you that when you join Vegan Food & Living Plus today, the next magazine copy delivered to your door will arrive in 100% recyclable paper.

Our decision to choose paper wrap to mail our members copies is due to paper being the most reliably recyclable option – fully accepted by waste systems with all Councils providing kerbside collections in the UK and also widely recyclable worldwide!'

Carbon Balanced Paper is where the average carbon impact for paper production has been balanced, or offset, by World Land Trust (WLT) – an international conservation charity – through the preservation of conservation forests, saving endangered habitats and their biodiversity.

Vegan Food & Living aims to do everything it can for the planet and environment, while still providing its readers with recipes, articles and advice contributing positively to all of individual impacts on animal welfare, health and the planet. 

Vegan Food & Living is not just a magazine; it’s a whole community of vegans and an archive of inspiration.

Recently the magazine revealed their membership programme Vegan Food & Living Plus offering readers a whole host of extra benefits, including access to digital archive and retailer discounts. 

Become a member to Vegan Food & Living Plus and become part of the movement and sign up here

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