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Free-From Startup CRAVE Launches Rice Milk Vegan Chocolate Line

Free-From Startup CRAVE Launches Rice Milk Vegan Chocolate Line

by Tiago Pita

Vegan and free-from snack brand, CRAVE, has launched two brand new rice milk chocolate bars. 

The first kind of vegan chocolate bar that makes taste and toppings the star of the show.  The brand new range includes two flavours. 

Kitchen Sink made with rice milk chocolate bar covered with salted fudge, raisins, honeycomb, cornflakes and biscuit crumbs. 

Rocky Road features rice milk chocolate bar topped with marshmallows, raisins and biscuit crumbs

    The chocolate is made with Cocoa Horizons certified and sustainably sourced cocoa. The products are free from gluten, dairy milk, lactose and egg so they can be enjoyed by those with food allergies. 

    CRAVE is founded by trained chef and food expert, Robert Brice, who runs a food consultancy, The Cattle Shed which works with all major UK retailers, specialising in NPD and Technical. Brice previously worked at Sainsbury’s, M&S, and Tesco where he led the launch of Jack’s supermarkets, and was head of development at Co-op, successfully launching vegan brand GRO.

    He gained insight for an opportunity for growth in the plant-based and free-from categories for creating everyday vegan snacks that taste delicious whether you are vegan or have allergies or not.

    Is statement sent to TVK he said: “It’s obvious the plant-based movement is here to stay, but I found myself getting frustrated by the limited vegan and free-from products in the market that actually taste normal and can match mainstream options. Rather than take away flavour, we’re all about adding as much as possible, so you’ll find a whole load of toppings on our chocolate bars to appeal to a wide target of consumers who don’t want to compromise on taste.

    “CRAVE is focussed on enjoyment and indulgence, so we’re targeting both Gen Z and Gen Y where our chocolate can be shared with all of the family, and the kids of today will hopefully grow up with the brand and be the parents of tomorrow, buying for their family too whether they are vegan or have allergies or not.”

    The brand has ambitious growth plans and will also look at rolling out other vegan snacks outside of confectionery this year.

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