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Plant-Based Company Meatless Farm Is Now An Official Sponsor Of Real Madrid

Plant-Based Company Meatless Farm Is Now An Official Sponsor Of Real Madrid

by Agi Kaja

Famous Spanish football club Real Madrid has partnered with British plant-based meat maker Meatless Farm. The new partnership aims to help players reduce their meat consumption and promote ‘sustainable eating habits’. 

Together both companies want to ‘raise awareness of the importance of reducing meat consumption to minimise the environmental impact of food’ and  ‘promote cultural change for health and wellbeing’.

Emilio Butragueño Real Madrid’s Director of Insitutuional Relations said in a statement:  “Meatless Farm embraces both sustainability and nutrition, two fundamental components of Real Madrid and our business strategy.

“We as a global team have an important role to play in engaging with society to make real changes that will help create a more sustainable world and improve personal health and performance.”

Morten Toft Bech is the Founder of Meatless Farm said: “If we want to tackle the current climate crisis and the role food plays in it, we need to keep moving forward. 

“Real Madrid is the perfect partner to help achieve this goal. It’s one of the leading clubs in terms of its commitment to sustainability.

“The club has the values, ambition, experience, reach and influence to help create a global movement for change.”

Agi Kaja

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