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44% Of Vegans Prefer Oat Milk But Scottish Prefer Hemp Milk

44% Of Vegans Prefer Oat Milk But Scottish Prefer Hemp Milk

by Agi Kaja

Brits are drinking significantly more tea during the pandemic with tea consumption increasing by 65% over the past year, comparing figures from 2019 to 2020. 

The latest research published on unveiled plant-based milk preferences and tea consumption patterns around the UK.

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company study of Brits, shows that vegan milk is becoming more popular amongst tea drinkers, 7.3% polled to have their cup of tea with plant based milk (75% of Brits still prefer their cuppa with cow’s milk). 

Of those having tea with non-dairy milk, 44% prefer oat milk, over 20% opt for almond and hemp milk and 15% go for coconut milk. 

The study also shows that the UK is divided by its non-dairy milk choices. English vegans opt for oat milk, Scottish vegans and British Pensioners prefer hemp milk, Northern Irish and Welsh vegans love coconut milk the most.

Dairy-free milk is widely popular among younger generations with 12% of Gen Zers having their tea with plant based milk. 

Among women the most popular is oat milk - 62,7% of oat milk consumers are women. They also make nearly half of almond milk drinkers (45,4%). 

Men prefer hemp milk. They make the majority of help milk consumers (74.2%) following coconut milk (67,0%) and almond milk  (56,6%). 

The study also found that most of Brits prefer their tea without sugar.

The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company was established in 1982 by the Smith Family on their return to Kent from India and is based in the heart of the English County of Kent. They are a Tea and Coffee Importer, Packer and coffee and Tea Wholesaler. Producing a range of over 1,000 products including Loose Leaf Teas, Tea Bags and Fresh Roast Coffee.

The data used in this study was collected via the Google Survey platform and conducted over the period of 9th 12th Feb 2021. The company analysed UK audiences’ tea consumption habits, posing questions to users that cover brewing techniques, milk and sugar preferences, daily tea intake and brand choices. 

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