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Plant-Based Food Delivery Company Launched Healthy Lunch Bowls

Plant-Based Food Delivery Company Launched Healthy Lunch Bowls

by Agi Kaja

UK’s leading plant-based food delivery service allplants, is adding delicious, healthy lunches to its award-winning menu.

That means customers can order breakfast, lunch and dinner – plus sides, desserts and smoothies – in one handy service, making allplants the UK’s first plant-based ready meals delivery service to serve across all food occasions.

Like all their ready meals, allplants’ dishes are 100% vegan, chef-made and delivered to your door – and insanely delicious. With a sweep of Great Taste Awards, allplants run Europe’s largest plant-based kitchen – a newly-opened 20,000 square feet kitchen in North London.

As more and more people move towards home working, allplants new lunch range aims to provide nourishment and convenience. In a survey of 500 customers, 42% of respondents said ‘convenience’ and ‘health’ were the most important factors for them when it comes to lunch. With the majority, 10 minutes is the length of time customers spent preparing lunch.

The chef-made lunch bowls are low in saturated fat and sugar, and designed with an in-house nutritionist. All the dishes are flash-frozen, ensuring nutrition and taste are locked in. Customers simply reheat and voila – you'll have a delicious, healthy meal within minutes.

“There is a fast-growing demand for ready-to-eat meals that provide healthiness and flavour hand-in-hand with speed and ease. allplants new lunch range is ideal for anyone working at home and looking to upgrade their lunch break,” says Jonathan Petrides, CEO of allplants, “Adding lunches to our award-winning food delivery service is a natural extension of our plans – creating seriously healthy fantastic food and building a global plant-based brand.”

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Want to know all the yummy details? Here's what goes into each bowl:

Lentil + Chutney Chana Bowl

Rice and lentils with garlic spinach, roasted sweet potato and butternut squash lays a low-carb foundation, topped with spice toasted cashews and a chickpea smash. At 409kcal, it’s packed with 19g of protein, 50% of your daily allowance of iron and vitamin C, and 3 of your 5 a day.

Miso + Tamari Tofu Bowl
Japanese-inspired tamari and chilli glazed tofu, with edamame and lime smash, a daikon, carrot and cabbage slaw with mirin dressing, over a bulgur wheat and quinoa grain mix. What’s more, at 505kcal, the grain bowl has 23 grams of protein; 11 grams of fibre, and a source of iron.

Green Goodness Bowl
The ultimate feel-good green machine. Grains and green chickpeas served with garlic chilli kale and a mighty pea and mint smash… basically a nutritionist in a bowl. At 393kcal, it boasts over 23g protein, and a whopper amount of vitamin C, 12g fibre and contains 3 of your 5 a day.

Spiced Squash Grain Bowl
A mix of bulgur wheat, red quinoa, pearl barley, apricot and spices, served with garlic cabbage and an onion and tomato spiced tagine. At 393kcal, it’s high in vitamin C (70% of your recommended daily intake) and iron, and contains 3 of your 5 a day

Smoky Corn + Spanish Rice Bowl
Spanish rice, kidney beans, sweet potato and sweetcorn, topped with tofu queso, bean and pea smash, and smoky almonds. At 396kcal, this dish is high in vitamin C and iron, with a source of fibre, and contains a solid 3 of your 5 a day.

Protein Power Bowl
Miso roasted tofu, coconut and edamame smash, with power grains, sweet chilli broccoli, sesame cabbage, and a pea and edamame medley. At just 530 kcal, it boosts 26.5g of protein, an arsenal of iron, and contains 3 of your 5 a day.

The company will continue to innovate and launch new products and flavours in the next 12 months. A further Growth Capital funding round is planned for later this year, with the company focused on building a global brand, taking their food into offline environments and serving households in Europe, North America and beyond by 2025.

The price of an allplants box of six meals costs £40.50 for single portions (£6.75 per meal) or £59.88 for double portions (£4.99 per meal). Customers can add up to nine extras, including breakfasts, smoothies, side dishes and desserts, starting from £3.00.


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