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Sacha Baron Cohen Sells Vaccines & Oatly On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Sacha Baron Cohen Sells Vaccines & Oatly On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

by Agi Kaja

British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's show with a very funny interview through Zoom.

In a sketch during last week episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” Cohen was selling COVID-19 vaccines and plant-based milk to Hollywood celebrities.

The interview was interrupted by what appeared to be an old-school mobile phone ringing while answering one of Jimmy's questions about political impact of Borat. 

It was a call from someone, named Bono. “Yep, I’ve got AstraZeneca; got some Pfizer. What do you want?” he asked while looking at a mini-fridge in the background, filled with oat milk from Swedish brand Oatly and what appears to be vaccines. “Yeah, Venmo is fine,” he says. 

“Did I hear you correctly? Was that Bono?” Jimmy Kimmel asked Sacha. “A different Bono: Chaz,” he replied. 

The interview continues but it's interrupted with more (fake) calls from Tom Cruise and Kanye West ordering vaccines. 

Cohen joked with Tom Cruise saying: “I thought the thetans were immune.” And while answering the call from West he said: “Kanye! Yo, yo, yo.” 

“I can get you Johnson & Johnson. No, not Dakota and Don.” And “What do you mean, you only need one now? I’ve got you down for six. Oh, sorry, I hadn’t heard.”

Later, Cohen’s wife Isla Fisher, enters the room saying: “Honey, honey, Ruffalo’s outside. Here’s the cash,” she says, putting the money on the table and orders “Two Pfizers, a Moderna, and an Oatly for Mark Ruffalo.”

Noticing she looked kind of wasted he asked her: “Isla, you look higher than Don Jr.,” he said. “Have you been drinking vaccines? How many have you had?"

After some pressuring eventually she confessed: “I’ve had 15.”

Then Kimmel tells Cohen he should be focusing on his Academy Awards campaign. “Oh my god!” he said. “I think this is illegal, but it also seems like you should be focusing on your Oscar campaign. You’re nominated for awards, you’re nominated for SAG Awards — it seems like you should be focused on the Oscars right now.”

“This is my Oscar campaign,” Cohen shouts. “Jimmy, [I’ll] put it this way: None of the Hollywood Foreign Press is getting COVID-19 anytime soon.”

With this last sketch Cohen exposed a very real issue: vaccine elitism and the hypocrisy of people who use their positions of privilege to get COVID-19 vaccines and the criminality of those who sell the vaccines to celebrities.

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