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Award Winning Restaurant Launches Plant-Based Food Delivery And At Home Dining Experiences

Award Winning Restaurant Launches Plant-Based Food Delivery And At Home Dining Experiences

by Agi Kaja

London-based award winning The Brook offers restaurant quality plant based meals and at home dining experiences, which can be delivered direct to your door.

The Brook is a plant-based food business with a focus on ethical and environmentally-friendly vegan cuisine.

The business offers several meal options, including Build-A-Box, which are available as one off deliveries, or as a monthly subscription box. They also offer regular dining events, where customers can receive exciting ready made meal kits that allow you to recreate restaurant favourites such as Loaded BBQ Nachos and Smokey Chickpea and Sandwich Quesadillas at home. And they can even come accompanied by The Brook signature cocktails. The menu even offers decadent brunch options and a seven-course sharing menu featuring charcoal sourdough, Satay Skewers and their infamous vegan fishcakes.

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Founded by Thea Brook in 2013, The Brook began its life as a very small coffee shop in the South London town of Wallington. So small in fact, that all four walls of the food prep area could be touched at once. In 2014, Thea developed an intolerance to dairy. As a keen cook and food-lover, she refused to accept that food would never quite be the same again. It led her to hit the kitchen with the sole purpose of experimenting with new ingredients to replicate the flavour and texture of the best dishes she’d ever eaten. And the results were so good that she felt it was possible to go one step further and switch to an entirely plant-based diet. 

She created dairy free food, which had the same creamy, cheesy indulgence levels of her old favourites. These new experimentations with food led to a weekly vegan supper club and people from all over came to get a taste of the home-cooked vegan dishes on offer. It became so popular, that its success led to the first floor of the building being converted into a restaurant in 2016. 

The Brook was born from Thea’s desire to show the world how incredible plant-based food can be. She believes that living an environmentally-conscious lifestyle shouldn’t be associated with sacrificing the things you enjoy, but simply finding new ways to enjoy them instead.

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When lockdown in March 2020 started, Thea wanted to find a way for her customers to enjoy the delicious plant based food at home. The answer - ready made meals that can be enjoyed at home. These ready made plant based delivery kits not only provide delicious food that changes the way we think about plant based food, but also look after the planet.

Thea has also continued the supper clubs, delivering a themed or set menu each month, offering a seven-course sharing menu, designed for two. Customers can also decide whether they'd like to add cocktails or not. The supper clubs take place on a set date each month, and beat an ordinary takeaway any day of the week.

The Brook has become such an amazing success that even Jasmine Harman, TV presenter, Veganuary ambassador and long time customer (and fan) decided to invest in the company in 2019.

Thea Brook - co-founder of The Brook says: “Demand for plant based and vegan food in the UK is increasing, but it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Many people end up eating the same things, or not having access to the right ingredients, and new vegans will sometimes give up due to boring food. We wanted to create something that made veganism easy, fun and interesting, and offer recipes that can be cooked with ease. Our kits are perfect for seasoned vegans, or those who want to explore new foods and recipes, and our customers enjoy, and always comment on how flavorful and unique the dishes are. We also like to think that we are bridging the gap between good food, and restaurant quality food, and that our meals prompt our customers to be more experimental when cooking at home, not just when the box arrives.” 

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