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Vegan Chocolate Brand Online Sales Grew 300% In 2020

Vegan Chocolate Brand Online Sales Grew 300% In 2020

by Agi Kaja

British dairy-free chocolate brand Moo Free enjoyed a 300% growth for its online sales last year, thanks to a vegan chocolate boom and high demand for free-from products. 

Moo Free, is a ‘dairy-dodging chocolate brand’ and a family run business from Devon. 

The company was founded by a married couple Andrea and Mike Jessop. Both with food allergies -  Andrea is gluten intolerant and Mike lactose intolerant, they started out in 2008 by making small batches of vegan Easter eggs. They used a plant-based milk chocolate, which proved to be a hit among the customers. 

They decided to re-mortgaged their own house to buy manufacturing machines and ingredients. It took them two years to create the right formula for their free-from chocolate. That's when the idea for the vegan chocolate brand Moo Free was born.

Through the year the couple improved the recipes, created more delicious vegan chocolate products and became one of the most popular free-from sweets brands in the UK. The company uses only ethically sourced cocoa - UTZ/Rainforest Alliance cocoa from Africa, and organic cocoa sourced from the Dominican Republic. Moo Free dairy-free chocolate is registered with the Vegan Society.

Andrea Jessop, Moo Free CEO, said: “We have enjoyed seeing the online shop continue to grow, especially in 2020 where sales were particularly strong. With the popularity of vegan and plant-based diets, we are forecasting a very buoyant year ahead​.” 

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