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First Vegan Cheese Store Opens In Hong Kong

First Vegan Cheese Store Opens In Hong Kong

by Agi Kaja

Hong Kong's first vegan cheese shop has opened in K11 Musea.

Le Fromage store offers handcrafted plant-based cheese made by chef Tina Barrat.

Tina Barrat is a Hong Kong-based jewellery designer turned raw vegan chef. She is known for creating vegan fine-dining restaurants Ma and the Seeds of Life.

Le Fromage will allow vegans and those who follow a plant-based diet to buy and try delicious and indulging dairy-free cheese alternatives.

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The shop will have over 20 raw vegan cheeses, all made using the best quality plant-based ingredients such as almonds and cashews.

The vegan cheese range will include fermented raw cheese such as creamy truffle-flavoured Shamembert, Moon & Earth cheese, peppercorn-studded Cheddar Smoked Brie and the Gorgonzola-inspired North Pole Star.

All the cheeses are raw, soaked, sprouted, dehydrated or gently warmed in temperature below 40 degrees

The cheeses are made in small batches 'to retain the ingredients' original nutrition'.

The customers of La Fromagerie will also be able to buy chutneys, jams, vegan butter, gluten-free and sourdough crackers, keto bread, products from local plant-based caterers and some dishes such as vegan salmon and faux-gras from Ma and the Seeds of Life restaurants. 

The new shop is set to open on March 26.

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