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M*lkman Launched UK’s First Chocolate Oat Milk In a Fully Recyclable, Planet Friendly Can

M*lkman Launched UK’s First Chocolate Oat Milk In a Fully Recyclable, Planet Friendly Can

by Agi Kaja

Vegan founded alternative milk manufacturer and delivery service, M*lkman is introducing their first retail  product. 

The company has just launched the UK's first chocolate oat milk to be sold in a ready to drink format 200ml. 

Chocolate Oat M*lk is aimed at health conscious consumers looking for incredibly indulgent cacao based beverage. 

The shelf stable and ambient product was created by M*ilkman team to satisfy their own dairy-free desires for an incredibly tasty, guilt free drink they could enjoy. 

According to the company, the results were 'oat-standing' and the product was very quickly brought to market in the reusable glass bottle.

Founder of M*ilkman, Jamie Chapman told TheVeganKind: "Everyone loves chocolate milk, and it was frustrating that you couldn't get one in environmentally friendly,  plastic free packaging so we made one. Now, everyone can satisfy this chocolate cravings completely guilt-free."

From now on, the oat chocolate milk will be available in a fully recyclable, planet friendly can.

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Announcing the news on Instagram the company wrote: 

"Not sure if this is the done thing but we’ve put our incredibly delicious chocolate oat milk in a can and will be shipping nationwide as from today ⚡️

Fire over an email for some sexy samples and you can be the proud stockists of the UK’s first Chocolate Oat M*lk in a fully recyclable, planet friendly can ?

Ditch harmful Tetrapaks and join team M*lkman/women, as we shake things up in the most sustainable way imaginable ??"

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