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McDonald's Partners With OmniPork Maker To Launch New Menu In China

McDonald's Partners With OmniPork Maker To Launch New Menu In China

by Agi Kaja

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is launching a new breakfast menu featuring vegan pork alternative in select Chinese locations. 

McDonald's has partnered with Green Monday - the maker of OmniPork to offer plant-based meat in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen

Brand new breakfast items on the menu will feature OmniPork Luncheon Meat.

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Commenting on the collaboration David Yeung the founder and CEO of Green Monday, told TheVeganKind: "Since the successful launch in Hong Kong andMacau, the launch in Mainland China has been long anticipated. We are super thrilled that it is becoming reality. We want to sincerely thank theMcDonald’s China team for making this partnership happen and introducing innovative, tasty and sustainable green choices."

In 2020 McDonald's worked with Green Monday to create a 'greener' menu and launched dishes with OmniPork's vegan spam in 280 McDonald’s outlets in Hong Kong.

Unfortunately, the newest vegan spam sandwiches and wraps available in McDonald's will not be vegan-friendly - they will include eggs.

From this month, the UK customers can finally try the world's first plant-based pork alternative. OmniPork Mince launched in the UK and it's available to buy online through TheVeganKind Supermarket. 

OmniPork Mince is made using non-GMO soy and pea, rice, and shiitake mushrooms. Every 100 grams contains 12 grams of protein and 3.8 grams of dietary fibre. The plant-based pork contains 0mg cholesterol and no GM ingredients, antibiotic-free and hormone-free.

The vegan pork mince is succulent, tender, and can be prepared in many different ways: steamed, pan-fried, deep-fried, stuffed, crumbled or formed into meatballs and patties.

Get inspired by these delicious recipes with OmniPork:

Braised Aubergine with OmniPork Mince

OmniPork Sour and Spicy Noodles

OmniPork Tofu Skewers

Two-way Mushroom Soup with OmniPork & Tofu

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