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Squeaky Bean Launches Vegan Chargrilled ‘Chicken’ Mini Fillets

Squeaky Bean Launches Vegan Chargrilled ‘Chicken’ Mini Fillets

by Agi Kaja

Popular UK plant-based brand Squeaky Bean, is launching brand-new Chargrilled Mini Fillets – super realistic, meaty-tasting vegan alternative to ready-cooked chicken.

The Chargrilled Cajun Mini Fillets offer a new taste and texture sensation through a fillet-style bite. Created with new Squeaky Bean technology, they mimic the succulent texture of real chicken, making these ‘the most realistic plant-based chicken product on the market.’

Marinated with flavoursome seasonings, the Mini Fillets create a smoky taste that is reminiscent of the grill. Squeaky Bean Chargrilled Pieces offer a quick, easy and tasty solution with a larger, chunkier bite than the brand’s existing range of Chicken Style Pieces.

Ideal for lunchtimes or snacking, the Chargrilled Pieces are Ready-To-Eat, meaning consumers can tuck into tasty straight from the pack – perfect for alfresco eating during the sunny months. They can be tossed into a salad or used in standout sandwiches and burgers.

In a statement sent to TheVeganKind, Sarah Augustine, co-creator of Squeaky Bean, said: “We wanted to create more intense flavour in a totally unique mini-fillet shape. As vegan food moves away from simple substitutes, there’s no reason for plant-based food lovers to miss out on tasty grilled flavours and realistic meaty alternatives.

“Consumer demand for quick and delicious lunchtime meals will no doubt increase during the summer months – whether for post lockdown picnics or to eat at your desk – so these ready-to-eat Mini Fillets will have you well prepared for the tastiest wraps, tacos, the most epic salads, or whatever you fancy. This is the most realistic vegan chicken on the market so be the first to go and get it.”

Made with wheat and pea protein, the Chargrilled Pieces provide a moreish flavour, and add to Squeaky Bean’s range of craveable plant-based food including Chicken Style Pieces and NYC Deli Pastrami Style Sandwich Slices- a favourite of consumers who say that ‘they can’t be held down by sandwich norms’.

Agi Kaja

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