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Singapore-based Food Tech Startup Creates Vegan Burger With 24g Of Protein Per Serving

Singapore-based Food Tech Startup Creates Vegan Burger With 24g Of Protein Per Serving

by Agi Kaja

Singapore-based food tech startup  Sophie’s Bionutrients has just announced it created the world's first 100% plant-based burger patty from single-cell microalgae.

Sophie’s Bionutrients claims their burger offers 24 grams protein per 60g serving which it means it has twice as much  protein than commercially available beef and fish.

The company works on developing plant-based protein from microalgae, which doesn't cause allergies and provides high-protein alternative for both meat and seafood. 

They use different types of microalgae including chlorella, which is found in health supplements. 

For every 100g of algae based meat, one third of the serving comprises of protein. 

The algae meat substitute contains 9 essential amino acids including histidine and leucine that help  tissue repair. The meat is also low in sodium and high in B vitamins such as B12 (found in animal meat) that helps keep the blood cells and nervous system healthy.  That makes the product very interesting for vegans need to take B12 supplements.

Co-founder & CEO of Sophie’s Bionutrients Eugene Wang, said in the press release: “We have been working relentlessly towards strengthening global food security by unlocking the limitless possibilities of nature. By developing this burger, we hope to showcase the versatility of the microalgae protein flour that goes beyond making plant-based seafood products. Microalgae-based products can match or exceed the nutritional value of meat. We will continue to synergize the power of nature and technology to broaden our range of plant-based products while doing good for the environment.”

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