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Rebel Kitchen Launches “Holiday Flavour” Campaign

Rebel Kitchen Launches “Holiday Flavour” Campaign

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based milk brand Rebel Kitchen, have launched a new campaign showing defiance against COVID-19 for its role in stopping foreign travel and offering up their coconut water as a chance to taste “holiday flavour” instead. The light-hearted ads, which dub the virus “a massive git” and “king idiot”, follow a press conference on Monday in which Boris Johnson warned that it’s "too soon" for people to book any trips abroad this year.

The roadside billboards feature tongue-in-cheek messages such as “Taste the holiday you could’ve had if Covid wasn’t such a massive git” and “Tastebuds you can go on holiday. Covid, you can stick yourself where the sun don’t shine”. The campaign, running throughout the Easter school break when many Brits would usually be enjoying holidays abroad, hero their Raw Coconut Water as a way to enjoy “Holiday Flavour”, while in lockdown.

“Things are pretty gloomy at the moment, so we wanted to use our marketing budget and a bit of rebellious, dry humour to pick on Covid and make a few people who are sitting in traffic on a grey UK day, laugh.” says Ben Arbib, co-founder and owner of Rebel Kitchen. “At Rebel Kitchen, we do things differently - whether that be the way we make our coconut water or the way we advertise it.”

The brand’s Raw Coconut Water is made from 100% organic young green coconuts, all sustainably sourced from smallholders in the Philippines. Unlike other coconut waters, Rebel Kitchen uses High Pressure Processing (HPP) to ensure the drink retains its natural antioxidants and nutrients, like potassium. The product has won multiple Great Taste awards and the brand claims it is coconut water the way it should be.

“Careful sourcing and minimal processing gives our Raw Coconut Water its unique pink colour and straight-from-the-coconut holiday flavour.” says Arbib. “We go beyond the bottle, giving 1% of all Rebel Kitchen revenue to fund regenerative agriculture projects in the Philippines, that improve the environment, livelihoods and yields of the coconut farmers.”

Arbib co-founded Rebel Kitchen with sustainability and ethics at its core, proven by the brand’s 100% Carbon Neutral status and B Corp certification.

The Rebel Kitchen Holiday Flavour campaign will be live throughout April on social media and billboards across the UK in partnership with Elonex.

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