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Drumroll please! LikeMeat Launched Plant-based And Gluten-free Like Mini Drumsticks

Drumroll please! LikeMeat Launched Plant-based And Gluten-free Like Mini Drumsticks

by Agi Kaja

Popular plant-based brand LikeMeat expanded further in the UK with the launch of their Like Mini Drumsticks. 

Like Mini Drumsticks are a great vegan chicken alternative not only for kids. They’re a source of plant-based protein and fibre, and they are free from gluten and dairy.

Like Mini Drumsticks are easy to cook – just fry or bake and serve with a side of salad, or perfect with chips and dips in front of the TV! 

"We’re really excited to be bringing our newest Like Meat product - Like Breaded Mini Drumsticks", says Domencio Speciale, General Manager at LIVEKINDLY Collective UK in a statement sent to TheVeganKind.

Plant-based chicken style products are increasingly popular with those looking to make a choice to move to meat free from their favourite dishes.

"LikeMeat continues to inspire, with exciting new product concepts to fulfil every occasion", says Domencio Speciale.

"These succulent mini drumsticks offer all the taste of the consumer’s favourite chicken based snacks but 100% plant-based and gluten-free too."

LikeMeat is one of the leading producers of meat-free food in Germany and as part of LIVEKINDLY collective they’re on a global mission to -make plant-based living the new norm.

Founded in 2013, the award-winning Like chicken, sausages, nuggets and schnitzels from LikeMeat are available across Europe and now in the USA. For LikeMeat it’s not just about creating a substitute for meat – it’s about making amazing food that tastes great.  

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