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Le Pain Quotidien To Expand Vegan Menu In The UK

Le Pain Quotidien To Expand Vegan Menu In The UK

by Agi Kaja

Popular bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien aims to become more climate-friendly and plans to add new vegan options to its menu in the UK. 

The new vegan menu includes the VLT bun with marinated organic tempeh, avocado, garlic aioli, parmesan, plum tomato and baby gem in sweet potato brioche, Spinach & Pine Nut Swirl and Roasted Veg & Mozzarella focaccia sandwich.

The company also aims to tackle food waste and signed up to the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s Food Made Good programme.

Under the new guidelines, the shops will use leftover bread to make croutons and dishes such as Brioche French Toast. 

Le Pain Quotidien also started working with food app Too Good To Go to recycle ‘almost all’ waste made in the process of preparing food, offer all the used coffee grounds to customers for garden and cleaning use.

The chain will send the pulp from all juices to be turned into renewable energy, ditch single-use plastic packaging and start using biodegradable alternatives and recycled paper.

“As a business and bakery, Le Pain Quotidien is always looking for ways to protect the environment, reduce its footprint and give back to the community and its customers,” said Jana Somon, head of marketing UK. “Together with the SRA, Le Pain Quotidien will be looking at ways they can become more sustainable, and help its customers be sustainable too.”

Agi Kaja

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