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TheVeganKind Kicks Off Tree Planting Initiative On Earth Day

TheVeganKind Kicks Off Tree Planting Initiative On Earth Day

by Agi Kaja

While ethics and sustainability are part of TheVeganKind's DNA, we decided to take our environmental efforts a few steps further to celebrate this year's Earth Day.

When shopping for groceries, there are many choices we can make that can minimise our environmental impact. Choosing to shop for vegan and plant-based products is one of the best ways to tackle the climate crisis. Still, we know that in the current climate emergency situation, it's not enough. Our planet desperately needs our help.

At TheVeganKind, we are passionate about the environment, and we want to make sure that everything we do has the lowest possible impact on our planet.  We have a big responsibility and opportunity to make a positive difference when it comes to shopping impact. We are expanding our sustainability initiatives to minimise our carbon footprint and become a climate positive shopping destination. 

Planting trees with every order

Recently, we partnered with Ecologi, and we are committed to planting a tree for every order made in TVK Supermarket. The UK-based Ecologi is an environmental organisation for carbon reduction that funds reforestation projects. Our donations will help to plant trees in our company forest and forests in developing countries, enabling local communities to restore the environment and build a more sustainable future.

According to recent studies, planting trees and recovering forests is one of the best ways (after reducing meat consumption) to combat the climate crisis. Scientists claim that a global tree planting programme could remove two-thirds of the CO2 emissions caused by humans.

So far, we've planted 2,343 trees in our forest and contributed 54.42T tonnes of carbon reduction.

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Climate Positive Workforce

We are proud to announce that TheVeganKind has become a Climate Positive Workforce in 2021. That means every member of our staff has their carbon footprint offset in both work life and personal life, including their time at work, business travel, and their time outside of work. We're offsetting their total greenhouse emissions, including emissions from their home, personal travel, food, holidays, hobbies, and more.

TheVeganKind Planet page

We are launching TheVeganKind Planet page - a new addition to our online vegan shopping platform. With the new page, we aim to spread awareness of environmental issues and climate change. We will publish exclusive content on sustainability, climate crisis, plastic waste and pollution, food activism, recycling and many other topics. Our page aims to educate the audience on eco-living and solutions we can take to help our planet and create a better future for the people and the animals.

Eliminating food waste

We have food waste facilities at TVK headquarters, and we recycle all the tetra packs from the free products we offer to staff.

We work with Food Not Bombs - a local charity that supports us in avoiding food waste by providing this food for those in need.

Recyclable materials

We are constantly minimising the use of plastic in our packaging.  All our cardboard boxes are recyclable, and our subscription boxes are made from recycled materials. The void fill we use in the boxes is 100% recycled paper. We use paper fill for subscription box packaging and paper infill for supermarket orders packaging. The bubble wrap we use to protect glass is 100% recycled and recyclable with biodegradable materials. Our boxes can be 'cut down', meaning we can remove as much void as possible, meaning they take up less space in our delivery vans. We use reusable and recyclable ice packs.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we offered our customers the choice to drop off their tetra packs to us for recycling. We will reintroduce the offer once restrictions are lifted.

We are also preparing to produce our own ice packs in house, use eco bubble bags for chilled goods and robust paper tape.

Carbon neutral delivery

We offer our customers 100% carbon neutral delivery by DPD Group. DPD is committed to fighting climate change with each and every parcel delivery. They precisely measure the carbon footprint per parcel, reducing it in every possible way, and offsetting the remaining emissions by funding clean energy projects around the world.

B Corp certification

At TheVeganKind, we are committed to taking more steps to drive a change in society toward a more sustainable future for all. We believe that businesses can help improve the environment – both for people and the planet.  We want to use our company as a force for good, and we are currently working on receiving B Corp certification.

TheVeganKind Co-founder and CEO, Scott McCulloch said: "I am so pleased to announce our latest initiative - TVK Planet! With veganism and the reduction of climate change being so intrinsically linked - our planet and environment are very important focus areas for us at TheVeganKind.

We have a corporate social responsibility, which we take really seriously. Having a climate positive workforce, as well as planting a new tree for every customer order - this really feels like the basics for us, and happening not a moment too soon.

We are going to be writing more regularly about sustainability, climate change issues and the general environment to ensure that our platform is used to shine a light on these important topics on a daily basis. We will be undertaking our B Corp certification in the coming months too.

This is just the beginning. We think there is a kind of planet that will thrive in the future. What kind? TheVeganKind!"

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