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First Ever Vegan Caterpillar Cake Launches At TheVeganKind Supermarket

First Ever Vegan Caterpillar Cake Launches At TheVeganKind Supermarket

by Agi Kaja

Nut-free celebration cake producer Just Love Food Company has launched their very own vegan caterpillar cake called Archie, the bravest caterpillar in town!

Archie is an indulging vegan chocolate caterpillar cake, filled and covered in a chocolate flavoured frosting, decorated with sugar paste and edible sugar strands.

While Archie is in good company alongside the other caterpillars on the shelf, he’s the only vegan offering available to date.

Fresh off the back of the drama that’s dominated the news headlines last month, Just Love Food Company announced the news with a post on Instagram declaring not only that Archie would be registered with The Vegan Society’s Vegan Trademark but he is also suitable for all those suffering from allergies. Archie cake is egg, peanut, nut and milk-free.

Danika Woods, marketing manager at Just Love Food Company, said: “Meet Archie, the bravest caterpillar in town! We are so excited by the launch, and as a company built on inclusivity and allergy management, it’s great to be able to offer a much-loved vegan version of this classic that also guarantees to be egg, milk, nut & peanut free.”

Just Love Food Company was founded by Mike Woods, a father of three children who suffer from severe allergies. When it came to birthday times, the family always struggled to find cakes on the market for those with nut allergies. All of the supermarket cakes carried "this product is not suitable for nut allergy sufferers" warnings. Mike decided in 2009 to set up Just Love Food to provide a solution to a problem. The company takes very serious precautions to make sure that customers don’t come into contact with any nuts.

According to Food Standard Agency statistics, 1 in 55 children now have a nut allergy. Although the total number of people with nut allergy is not clear, recent studies suggest that half a million people up to the age of 44 have a peanut allergy. It is likely that half of these cases are severe.

    With a mission to be the most inclusive celebration cake brand on the market, Just Love Food company felt compelled to get behind the undeniable trend and have their own caterpillar cake. 

    The company has revealed the cake has been named Archie in honour of one of their brave customers who manages severe nut & egg allergies. Archie’s mum, Charlotte, launched a charity in his honour, with a mission to keep children with allergies safe.

    Commenting on the name, Archie’s Allergies founder Charlotte Murphy said: “It is such an honour to have a cake named after Archie and to recognise the Archie’s Allergies charity this way. Archie can’t wait to share and enjoy his very own caterpillar cake without worrying about his allergies.”

    Jenna McGuinness, head buyer at TheVeganKind added: "I'm so excited to work with free from pioneers Just Love Food Company for the launch of the very first vegan caterpillar cake, this is a huge launch for TheVeganKind supermarket and we're excited to offer this classic cake option for our lovely customers - it is a birthday staple for so many people, and now it can be again for vegans too. I know a lot of our customers come to us looking for allergy friendly options too, so I'm happy we will soon have this delicious cake option available, in the form of Archie the Caterpillar."

    Archie is available to buy online at TheVeganKind Supermarket at £6.99. 

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