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Squeaky Bean Launches Three New Vegan Dips

Squeaky Bean Launches Three New Vegan Dips

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based food brand Squeaky Bean is taking lunchtime to the next level with the launch of three tasty dips.

The new Supercharged Garlic, Spicy Firecracker and Smooth Avocado dips are suitable for vegans but are set to create a flavour explosion for all, especially at outdoor meals (one the restrictions are fully lifted.) Plant-based food lovers will be able to add some deliciousness to picnics and barbecues. 

The Supercharged Garlic, Spicy Firecracker and Smooth Avocado dips are created to a moreish vegan recipe that is perfect match for the classics such as crudites, chips, crisps and pizza. Their smooth, creamy consistency is great for spreading too, taking burgers, sandwiches and wraps from ‘average’ to ‘awesome’ in seconds.

The creaminess of the Squeaky Bean recipes offers a richness that competes with any traditional dip. The dips prove that plant-based food doesn’t have to be bland, boring or difficult to prepare.

The handy pots can be stacked in the fridge or popped into cool boxes for summer picnics to liven outdoor eating. They work just as well on the side of a plate where they will spice up almost any meal.

Sarah Augustine, Co-creator of Squeaky Bean says: “With lockdown ending, we couldn’t be more excited about summer eating in 2021. The new Squeaky Bean range of dips are a convenient way to make snacks more exciting and to add a punch of flavour to your lunch. All you need to do is pop the lid and get ready to tuck into tasty!”

Each Squeaky Bean dip is 150ml and has a Recommended Retail Price of £1.60.

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