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Scottish Nursery Goes Meat-Free For A Week

Scottish Nursery Goes Meat-Free For A Week

by Agi Kaja

Murrayfield Nursery in Edinburgh is serving up an entirely meat-free menu to children this week in celebration of National Vegetarian Week. 

The nursery said they have prepared a range of 'enticing vegetarian meals' to replace their summer menu this week. The kids can try a new veggie dish every day, and they learn about different vegetables through play.

Nursery Manager Rhonda Houston told Edinburgh Live: "We're pleased to be offering a healthy, nutritious meat-free menu to all of our children this week as part of National Vegetarian Week.

"We're always promoting the benefits of a healthy, balanced diet, and sharing information about where our food comes from – and this was another fun opportunity in which to do so.

"We already offer a vegetarian/vegan option as part of our seasonal menus at The Murrayfield, but it will be nice to introduce all of our children to new tastes, textures and flavours, which we can all share together."

National Vegetarian Week started on Monday and lasts until Sunday, 16 May 2021. The campaign aims to encourage more people to try out new vegetable meals.

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