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Birds Eye Adds Plant-Based Chicken Products To Its Meat-Free Range

Birds Eye Adds Plant-Based Chicken Products To Its Meat-Free Range

by Agi Kaja

Birds Eye is expanding its meat-free Green Cuisine range with the launch of three new plant-based chicken products.

The new Chicken-Free range includes Crispy Grills, Southern Fried Grills and Chicken Burgers.

“Our Green Cuisine Chicken-Free products have gone from strength to strength since our first launches in 2020,” said Jess Ali, marketing manager at Birds Eye.

“This extension of the Green Cuisine chicken-free range will continue to play off recognisable formats that shoppers already enjoy, but that are powered by plant protein.”

She continued: “By recreating mealtime classics using plant power, these new additions to our Green Cuisine range will continue to help shoppers to add meat substitutes to their plates, showing them that plant-based meals can be just as tasty and convenient.”

The Chicken-Free Southern Fried Grills are available at supermarkets nationwide while the Chicken-Free Crispy Grills and the Chicken-Free Burgers will start to roll out into stored from mid-May.

Agi Kaja

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