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Cauldron Rolls Out New Vegan Snacking Range

Cauldron Rolls Out New Vegan Snacking Range

by Agi Kaja

Pioneering vegan brand Cauldron has launched two new plant-based products: tofu with Italian herbs & tomato line and a veg-based tandoor bites. 

Cauldron which is the UK’s largest chilled meat-free brand says it's latest products will “bring exciting flavour innovation to the snacking category”.

The tofu is made from sustainably sourced organic soya beans. It's high in protein, low in saturated fat and packed with calcium. The product is easy to use and there is no need to press it. 

The brands says its tofu takes the product beyond the usual recipes such as stir fry or curry and into pastas and salads.

Cauldron’s tandoori bites are made from sweet potato, kale, red pepper, carrot and coconut. It could be used as an ingredient in Indian style wraps or salads. 

The latest move comes after Cauldron had entered into the dairy-free cheese alternative category in March, with the launch of its Greek-style feta cheese alternative. 

“Cauldron’s partnership with Veganuary 2021 gave us an even bigger platform to show people just how amazing plant-based dishes can be with Cauldron and we are seeing an unmistakable move towards more sustainable eating,” said head of Cauldron Tom Lindley.

“Our latest NPD is targeted at plant-based considerers, those shoppers who are looking to reduce their meat intake, whether that be for sustainability or health benefits. After the most successful Veganuary to date this year, it’s important that retailers keep up the momentum by offering shoppers innovative and exciting NPD in the plant-based category,” he added. 

 At TheVeganKind, you can buy Cauldron's Original Organic Tofu BlockMarinated Tofu Pieces and Mediterranean Greek-Style Cubes in Herbs, with more products to be added soon. 

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