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Vegan Activists Company Heura Launches First Public Investment Round

Vegan Activists Company Heura Launches First Public Investment Round

by Agi Kaja

Spanish plant-based meat brand Heura is preparing for further growth as a plant-based company, with the launch of its first public investment round, Series A, in early June. It will do so through equity crowdfunding with CrowdCube, which allows investors to pledge varying amounts, from €20 to roughly €50,000.

The Barcelona based business is a company of activists, working to bring like-minded individuals together on a plant-powered journey with them to change the future of our global food systems forever. The Series A round gives all the good rebels out there the opportunity to be a part of major social change.

Amongst Heura’s initial investors are Oscar Pierre, co-founder of Glovo, New Crop Capital (USA), Green Monday (Hong Kong), Kale United (Sweden) and Tech Transfer Agrifood (Spain).

This capital increase will be used to invest in R&D, to develop new products, and to expand into new markets. Heura currently operates in 16 countries, with a strong presence in Spain and other European countries. It has also recently entered the Italian and English markets, the latter being one of the most important plant-based food markets in Europe.

The Barcelona-based start-up closed 2020 with a turnover of 8 million euros, three times more than in the previous year.

The good results in 2020 were achieved in a difficult context, with the coronavirus crisis affecting the foodservice channel. Before the pandemic, this sector accounted for 40% of Heura’s turnover, a figure that fell to 20%.

Heura's plant based meat products are available in the UK through TheVeganKind Supermarket. 

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