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These Vegan Barbecue Bundles Are A Must Have For Summer

These Vegan Barbecue Bundles Are A Must Have For Summer

by Agi Kaja

The upcoming holidays and sunny weather can only mean one thing - it's a grilling season! 

It's time to enjoy some great vegan barbecue with your family and friends. Yes - a vegan barbecue! 

TheVeganKind launched convenient bundles for the ultimate burger and sausage barbecue. 

The plant-based TVK BBQ Burger Bundle is a cheesy, meaty and satisfying plant-based burger bundle with a tasty corn on the cob and delicious vegan sauce. 

The plant-based TVK BBQ Hot Dog Bundle comes with meatless sausages, vegan mustard mayo and it also features some yummy marshmallows.

Both bundles are available in two options with a travel size instant barbecue or without. 

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TVK BBQ Burger Bundle includes:

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TVK BBQ Hot Dog Bundle includes:

If you're looking for vegan barbecue recipes check our TVK Recipe page where you will find salads, home made burgers, sides and desserts. 

Agi Kaja

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