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World's First Vegan Burger King Restaurant To Open In Germany

World's First Vegan Burger King Restaurant To Open In Germany

by Agi Kaja

Fast food giant Burger King has announced opening of an entirely plant-based restaurant in Cologne, Germany. 

The chain has partnered with Dutch company The Vegetarian Butcher to create meatless options including vegan chicken nuggets and Rebel Whoppers. The Vegetarian Butcher will provide all the meat alternatives for the Cologne outlet. 

The vegan nuggets are made with soy protein, cornflakes, oat fibres, natural flavourings and added vitamin B12. The meatless burgers are also made with soy protein, contain natural seasonings and added vitamin B12. 

In the new location, Burger King will introduce its latest meatless creation - the vegan version of what is known in other countries as Chicken Royale. The brand new vegan Long Chicken sandwich will be served with fresh lettuce and vegan mayonnaise in a long sesame seed bun. 

The chain will not serve any meat options in the Cologne restaurant but it's uncertain if there will be other animal products served like cheese and dairy. 

The Burgerless King will only operate temporarily from June 7 until June 11. During the campaign customers will have a chance to win free plant-based products in Burger King restaurants across Germany via coupons available on the chain's app.

Agi Kaja

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