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New Plant Based Food Concept Arrives At Camden’s Buck Street Market This summer

New Plant Based Food Concept Arrives At Camden’s Buck Street Market This summer

by Agi Kaja

Say hello to the new kid in town! Bad Vegan - a fast-food concept from Mark Emms and the Tom Kerridge team launches in London. 

The business begins its quest to revolutionise the fast-food market, offering diners a predominantly plant-based menu whilst remaining inclusive to those wanting non-plant-based options. There are ‘no judgements’ at Bad Vegan.

The menu has been designed by renowned chef Tom Kerridge to offer dishes which are accessible to all. All main dishes are plant-based pre-topping, diners will then have the option to select a non-vegan topping or side if they decide not to go down the vegan route.

Co-Founder Mark Emms says: “For so long there has been such limited vegan options at the majority of restaurants, with plant-based eaters having to pick between one or two dishes. We wanted to flip this around and create a space where plant food led the menu, but somewhere that both vegans and non-vegans would be excited to visit.

Bad Vegan is a restaurant that caters for all diets with any judgements left at the door. Ultimately, Bad Vegan aims to showcase that delicious and filling plant-based food can help non-vegans become more aware of their meal choices.”

Whilst serving fast-food, Bad Vegan’s menu is 100% natural, made on-site, using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients. Focused on innovating and exploring recipes with seasonal vegetables. 

Bad Vegan’s blockbuster The Taternator is an innovative crunchy potato finger wrapped in soft tortilla, with a choice of three vegan and one non-vegan mouth-watering fillings. The menu also includes completely vegan options such as Cheese and Onion with a toasted sesame salad, pickled jalapeños, Queso sauce and crispy onions; BBQ, Boston style BBQ beans, Queso sauce and crispy shallots; Chipotle, smoky chipotle and fresh lime slaw, roasted peanuts, Queso sauce and fresh chilli.

Further menu highlights include pizza inspired Streetdough Flatbreads with Smoky Aubergine Baba Ganoush, Roast Mushrooms with Black Truffle, and a ‘Summer’ flatbread with Tangy Romesco sauce, Olive Oil Roasted Artichokes and Peppers, Vegan Cheese and Piquant Roquito Peppers.

The ultimate table-sharer for vegans and non-vegans alike will be the Cauliflyer. Let your taste buds take flight with this dish, featuring crunchy cauliflower florets coated in sweet, sticky chilli sauce with toasted sesame, fresh coriander and chilli.

Co-Founder and Chef Tom Kerridge comments: “When designing the menu, we knew we wanted to create something that brought out the delicious flavours of seasonal vegetables, whilst ensuring that it was filling and affordable to a large audience. The Taternator is a totally new dish that we’re all very excited for Londoners to try this summer.”

If you have any room left, Bad Vegan’s ‘you won’t believe it’s vegan’ Mega Shakes are a must for any sweet-toothed fans. Pick from Cookies and Cream or PB & J, both made with Bad Vegan’s signature air-light coconut foam. The bar will also be stocked with exclusive Bad Vegan beers created in partnership with Camden Town Brewery, rosé and soft drinks and will run a no single use plastic policy.

Bad Vegan has future plans to expand around the UK. The first location will open on Thursday 24th June at Camden’s eco-friendly Buck Street market.

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