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World’s First Vegan Scotch Egg Launched in UK

World’s First Vegan Scotch Egg Launched in UK

by Agi Kaja

The world’s first vegan supermarket Scotch Egg was created by the plant-based meat brand Squeaky Bean in partnership with plant-based egg brand Crackd

Golden breadcrumbs coat a moreish sausage meat alternative filled with an egg-flavoured inside. Made with delicately seasoned wheat and pea protein and featuring cult vegan product, Crackd, The No-Egg Egg, the Squeaky Bean Mini Scotch Eggs are a bold new step in creating convenient plant-based alternatives for every occasion.

As well as including a world first, the bumper launch also sees the unveiling of three additional brand-new products:

  • Tomato, Red Pepper & Veta Tart featuring Baby plum tomatoes, red peppers, vegan feta-style cheese and spinach, nestled in shortcrust pastry.
  • Creamy Coronation Tart, Squeaky Bean’s flagship Chicken Style Pieces combined with a creamy oat-based filling, encased in shortcrust pastry. Spiced with cumin, coriander, turmeric, fenugreek and cayenne pepper.
  • Chargrilled Memphis Style BBQ Mini Fillets, featuring Chicken Style Mini Fillets marinated in a Memphis-style barbecue seasoning. High in protein and low in saturated fat, they are made from wheat and pea protein.

Ideal for picnics, summer meals and packed lunches, both the Tarts and Mini Fillets can be eaten straight from the pack or heated – meaning there’s a plant-based option whether you’re looking for a hot lunch or snack.

Sarah Augustine, co-creator of Squeaky Bean says: “You might have thought plant-based food lovers have it all now that vegan versions exist of many meat and fish products, from chargrilled chicken-style pieces to fishless fingers. Yet alternatives to products containing egg are harder to find.

“We want to give vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians an alternative option for every meal or snack. The creation of our deliciously moreish vegan Scotch Eggs are part of Squeaky Bean’s mission to revolutionise plant-based eating. We’re delighted to partner with Crackd and match this epic filling with our famous meat alternatives to create a game changing snack. As they’re ready-to-eat straight from the pack, plant-based food fans can savour our Scotch Eggs on the go, include them as part of a picnic, packed lunch, or simply enjoy straight from the fridge.

“And we’re working just as hard to bring more excitement into chilled savoury pastry. Our Tarts are packed with the vegan meat and cheeses we know plant-based diners crave. Last but not least in our epic Tesco launch, we’ve treated our popular Mini Fillets to a new Memphis style marinade, with all the smoky sweet aroma of summer to really tickle taste buds this season.”

In the US, egg alternatives are the fastest-growing vegan food category, with sales almost tripling by 2020.

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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