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Birds Eye Launches First-Ever Vegan 'Fishless' Fingers

Birds Eye Launches First-Ever Vegan 'Fishless' Fingers

by Agi Kaja

Birds Eye has announced the launch of its first-ever, plant-based Fish-free Fingers. 

The company is rolling out the new product as a part of its Green Cuisine range to offer customers a vegan replacement to the UK's much-loved food staple.

Birds Eye’s Fishless Fingers are made with rice protein and are coated in bread crumbs to mimic the taste and texture of traditional fish fingers.

Green Cuisine Fishless Fingers are a great source of omega 3, which is the top nutritional ingredient consumers look for when buying fish products. 

Commenting on the launch, Jess Ali, Senior Marketing Manager at Birds Eye, said: “Birds Eye Fish Fingers are a heavyweight of British dinner time, with families enjoying their iconic taste for over 60 years.

With 88% of shoppers associating Fish Fingers with the Birds Eye brand, we wanted to create a fishless version which is as delicious as the original, to help appeal to more Brits’ dietary requirements.

Fishless doesn’t mean flavourless, so we are still using our popular coating to give consumers the delicious fingers they know and love. As part of Green Cuisine’s mission to bring plant power to more kitchens, we hope Birds Eye fans will love our Fishless Fingers as much as we do.”

The Birds Eye Green Cuisine Fishless Fingers will launch on June 21, costing £2.50 RRP for a 336g pack.

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