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Jealous Sweets Launched New Vegan Sour Beans

Jealous Sweets Launched New Vegan Sour Beans

by Agi Kaja

Vegan confectionery brand has released two flavours of sour beans.

Berry Sours and Zingy Sours offer a zesty intense flavour explosion. A crunchy outer berry case gives way to a soft and chewy centre. Both treats are tart and tangy inducing with an intense mouth-watering experience. These plant-based sweets are gluten free, gelatine free, and proudly vegan.

Berry Sours and Zingy Sours come in 125g bags (priced at £2 per each package).

Zingy Sours bag contains Orange, Apple, and Lemon flavours, while Berry Sours bag features Cherry, Raspberry and Blackcurrant flavours.

Imran Merza, co-founder of Jealous Sweets, said: “With sour beans we want to shake up people’s expectations about what sweets can deliver in terms of flavour.

"Our sours give the traditional mouth-watering acidity, but we have upped flavour concentration to really enhance the eating experience.

“We find that people have an intense taste sensation when eating our sour beans that develops as you chew through the sweet.”

Agi Kaja

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