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Limited Edition Vegan Euro Cup Bundle Is Out Now!

Limited Edition Vegan Euro Cup Bundle Is Out Now!

by Agi Kaja

TheVeganKind is one of the most popular vegan brands in the UK, making the vegan lifestyle easy and accessible to everyone by delivering vegan goodies across the country. 

During Euro Cup 2020, we want to make your life easier and more pleasant that's why merging some of the best snacks on the market, TVK created a new vegan-friendly way of experiencing the best of football games at home.

TVK has launched a limited edition Vegan Euro Cup Bundle for fans of football and vegan treats, both sweet and savoury from top plant-based brands.

The best selection of vegan snacks will be delivered right to your door and help you enjoy watching your favourite team playing, whether it's England, Scotland or Wales, from the comfort of your home.

All selected plant-based snacks are natural, vegan and ethically made, and most of all, they taste amazing.

Gather your friends and family around the TV, open a beer, and cheer on your home nation in style. And for every order made sold, we plant one tree.

All products included in the Vegan Euro 2020 Bundle:

The Vegan Euro 2020 Bundle is available to order here for limited time. Hurry! Crack in and enjoy!

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