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Nike New Shoe Collection Is Made With Vegan Leather

Nike New Shoe Collection Is Made With Vegan Leather

by Agi Kaja

Nike has launched a new sustainable ‘Happy Pineapple Collection’, which uses innovative vegan material called Piñatex. The sports brand is one of the first to use piñatex in its designs, offering 95 per cent renewable resources and enhanced performance.

The new Nike collection comprises of seven sneaker styles including; the Free Run Trail Premium, the Air Max 90, the Air Max 95, Air Force One and the Air-Zoom Type.

The summer shoe models have strong design identity and feature “juicy hues” and an embroidered pineapple graphic. A cork-infused insole is combined with embroidered graphics on the tongue to highlight the style's organic inspiration.

Piñatex is a plant-based leather alternative produced using processed pineapple leaves. It is the most sustainable plant-based alternative to leather commercially available at scale today.

In the UK, Piñatex is produced by London-based B-Corp, ANANAS ANAM. The company uses the waste of pineapple harvesting as the material for leather alternative. Last year ,the brand prevented 825 tons of leaves from being burnt which saved 264 CO2 eq tons being released into the atmosphere - equivalent to carbon released from charging 33 million smartphones.

Prices for the new collection start at £114.95 for the Free Run Trail Premium. 

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