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Chinese Factory Veshin Brings Plant Based Luxury Fashion To The World

Chinese Factory Veshin Brings Plant Based Luxury Fashion To The World

by Agi Kaja

The fashion industry is a very dirty business. As one of the main contributors to climate change it is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the UN Alliance for Sustainable Fashion. The report indicates that carbon emissions from the sector are estimated to grow by more than 60% by 2030.

Most of the cheap fashion items are made with synthetic materials such as acrylic, nylon and elastane, which are typically derived from petroleum. They are not only associated with fossil fuels but also damage the environment through emissions, micro plastic pollution and waste. According to reports, three out of five fashion items ending up in a landfill within a year of purchase. The fashion industry is also destructive for the people who work within it, offering poor, unsafe and exploitive working conditions and some of the lowest wages in the world.

While the fashion economy is not likely to slow down, it needs to combat its negative impact and adopt serious sustainability measures.

New sustainable fashion manufacturer aims to transform the global fashion industry. Veshin starts this revolution by making vegan handbags and accessories.

Last year, the UK-born Joey Pringle and China-born Hongliang Yu partnered to deliver change to the fashion industry through launching their sustainable fashion manufacturing business.

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Veshin, a vegan fashion manufacturer, has launched in Guangzhou, China, with a mission to transform the global fashion industry through new environmentally friendly technology and using innovative sustainable materials.

Veshin is a hybrid name combining “ve” for vegan and “shin”, Chinese for the heart. Much like its name, being plant-based and sustainable is a central part to the business’ philosophy.

Over the year, the company has developed new relationships with eco-friendly material suppliers to deliver the greenest, most transparent possible outcomes to the fashion industry. To manufacture its products, Veshin uses cactus-leather alternative from Desserto, apple leather, hemp, organic cotton, Tencel, regenerated nylon, recycled polyester and cork.

Veshin is currently working on design and development, sourcing and production. So far, the brand has already begun working with many like-minded brands creating vegan accessories such as wallets and handbags. The company aims to provide its clients with the most environmentally progressive yet uniquely designed products.

Commenting on the launch, Veshin Founder, Joey Pringle, said: “The main problem in the manufacturing industry is only the bare minimum is being done. Veshin is here to showcase radical transparency by revealing everything that happens in the production process on a day-to-day basis through our social media accounts, as well as getting a B Corp Certification.”

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