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Canada goose Goes Fur Free (But Still Uses Feathers)

Canada goose Goes Fur Free (But Still Uses Feathers)

by Agi Kaja

After years of using coyote fur for its jackets, the luxury parka brand Canada Goose announced it would stop making coats with fur by the end of 2022.

The move comes as the company looks to become more environmentally conscious.

Canada Goose will also stop buying fur by the end of this year.

In 2020 the brand unveiled plans to introduce reclaimed fur into its supply chain.

The company has been criticised by animal welfare organisations for years. People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) said it "represents anything but warmth," as its winter jackets have their hoods made with dead coyotes fur.

On its website, Canada Goose says it still uses natural down in jackets, made from geese feathers.

Recently more high fashion houses, including Versace, Michael Kors and Gucci, have decided to go fur-free.

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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