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Burger King In Singapore Released First Ever Vegan Whopper

Burger King In Singapore Released First Ever Vegan Whopper

by Agi Kaja

Burger King has released a plant-based Whopper in Singapore. The new burger features a plant-based patty from The Vegetarian Butcher, an alternative meat brand owned by Unilever.

This is Burger King's first vegan option introduced in Singapore. The fast-food chain has already released the Impossible Whopper in the US and the Rebel Whopper in Europe, which also features a vegan patty made by The Vegetarian Butcher. 

The Vegetarian Butcher's vegan burger is made with soy, oil and spices, and perfectly mimics the looks,  juiciness and taste of real meat. It is prepared similarly to the classic Whopper, flame-grilled using Burger King's signature broiler, and served in sesame buns with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, mayonnaise, ketchup, pickles, and onions.

The new menu option was initially available exclusively on Deliveroo, but from 22 June, it's been available at all Burger King restaurants and other delivery platforms. According to the press release, the plant-based Whopper will cost S$6.90 at restaurants and S$7.90 on Deliveroo. 

With the launch of the meat-free burger the chain targets the flexitarians – consumers eat meat but want to reduce their meat consumption and opt for more environmentally friendly diet and choose plant-based options from time to time.

The company says the new meat-free sandwich is not suitable for vegans because it uses traditional egg-based mayonnaise and the plant-based burgers will be cooked in the same broiler as animal meat patties. 

Irene Tay, marketing director of Burger King Singapore, said: “We are very excited to finally bring the plant-based Whopper to Singapore. We received many requests from local fans who have been waiting for it to arrive at our restaurants, especially after they’ve seen the plant-based Whopper in other countries. This is the first time Burger King Singapore is introducing a plant-based burger and also one that is definitely worth the wait.”

Didier Chanove, head of marketing at Unilever Food Solutions and Asia Business Development Lead for The Vegetarian Butcher, said: “We cannot wait for everyone to try Burger King Singapore’s new plant-based Whopper! We’ve worked very closely with the Burger King team to develop the plant-based Whopper patty and to nail the iconic flame-grilled taste and experience to make sure we give diners in Singapore the chance to try the tastiest plant-based burger in town – all while being kind to the environment.”

Agi Kaja

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