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New Wave Of Plant-based Seafood Products Will Hit UK Shops

New Wave Of Plant-based Seafood Products Will Hit UK Shops

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based seafood brand Good Catch is planning to expand its UK range of vegan fish alternatives by the end of 2021.

The brand, which is the brainchild of Derek and Chad Sarno, and plant-based food investor Chris Kerr, launched its first product in the UK last year - a plant-based tuna alternative. 

This year Good Catch plans to add three breaded products – vegan crab cakes, vegan fish Sticks, and vegan fish fillets.

All new products have a high protein content as they are made with a blend of six legumes, including peas, chickpeas, lentils, soy, fava beans and navy beans.

The new Crab Cakes have a lump crabmeat-like texture and sweet crab flavour complemented by sweet peppers, spring onion, parsley and spices.

The vegan fish Sticks mimic the style of fish fingers and have a “flaky whitefish texture with a light, crispy breading.”

The fishless Fillets have been designed to have the same texture and taste as fish burgers.

The pre-cooked frozen meals are easy and quick to prepare (just heat up in the oven) and are perfect for everyday family dinners. 

A spokeswoman for the brand said they hoped to launch the new line onto the UK market “before the end of 2021”.

The news comes two months after Good Catch’s owner, Gathered Foods, secured $26.35m investment to expand its product line and listings in Europe and beyond. 

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