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Not For Easter - Mummy Meagz Launches New Vegan Milk Chocolate Creme Egg Available All Year Round

Not For Easter - Mummy Meagz Launches New Vegan Milk Chocolate Creme Egg Available All Year Round

by Agi Kaja

Why wait until Easter? If you can eat amazing vegan chocolate all year round? 

UK's favourite vegan Easter chocolate brand - Mummy Meagz is launching new dairy-free milk chocolate egg that will be available to buy all year round. 

The 'Chuckie Eggs’ have already garnered a loyal following among fans of vegan treats made without dairy, and went viral online when Mummy Meagz first cracked a dark chocolate version in 2019. But for the first time ever, the product will have a creamy vegan ‘milk’ chocolate shell.

Made from creamy rice milk and rich cocoa, the crispy chocolate shell covers the smooth fondant filling, complete with white and golden yolk. 

Containing no animal products, the eggs are also free of palm oil and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), making them kinder to animals and the environment. Finally, there’s a crème egg for everyone to enjoy – regardless of whether you like to slowly nibble, scoop out the fondant filling as fast as you can, or eat it in one mouthful.

Mummy Meagz Vegan Kitchen has been creating treasured vegan treats since 2017. Meagan Boyle founded the Mummy Meagz chocolate brand with her daughter, Willow. They first created the Chuckie Egg in small batches to sell in her plant-based café in Cottingham, East Yorkshire, and demand has skyrocketed. When they realised how large the following for their sweet vegan sweets had grown, she began to produce them for a far larger audience.

Meagan, the founder of Mummy Meagz says: “Whether you are vegan, reducing your dairy intake, or simply want to choose a product that’s kinder to the environment and animals, our Chuckie Eggs are a welcome treat for those who are sweet-hearted as well as sweet-toothed. Our crème eggs started a vegan craze, and previously one has been sold every thirty seconds, leaving shelves bare."

Now, Mummy Meagz is fulfilling her mission: making impossibly indulgent delights that can be enjoyed by everyone. All Mummy Meagz treats are vegan – and kinder to animals, health and the environment – because nobody’s sweet tooth should suffer due to lifestyle, or dietary choices. Every product is GMO free to protect wildlife and the world’s forests.

The Chuckie Eggs will be available at TheVeganKind Supermarket from July – just in time for World Chocolate Day.

Agi Kaja

Agi Kaja

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