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Fast And Plant-based - Ready Burger Is Delivering Vegan Food To Your Doorstep

Fast And Plant-based - Ready Burger Is Delivering Vegan Food To Your Doorstep

by Agi Kaja

Ready to open the door and meet your new fast-food favourite? 

A few weeks after launching its first location on Park Road in London’s Crouch End, Ready Burger is setting its sights on your sofa and delivering hot, tasty and 100% plant-based food, straight to your door.

Available via Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats, Ready Burger is rising to customer demand and offering its full menu at the tap of a button. Delivering within 2 miles of the Crouch End location, those with an insatiable hunger can expect a full menu of tasty plant-based burgers in premium and value choices. 

Options range from The Saver Menu Ready Burger (£1.99), and The Big Ready (£3.59), to The Chicken Challenger (£4.29), and the Saver Menu Double Cheeseburger (£3.39) – all proving that plant-based options can taste just as good, or possibly better than their meat counterparts.

Believed to be the first value driven, fully plant based, quick service restaurant on the UK high-street, Ready Burger offers classic and familiar fast-food, but without costing the earth (both financially and physically). Ready Burger’s signature ‘The Ready Burger’ (£1.99), which is thought to be the only plant-based burger of its kind on the market for under £2, gives the chance to order a sustainable, vegan option, direct to your door and without the premium.

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Not just kind to your wallet, a Ready Burger uses 70% less water to make than its beef counterpart, emits 92% less greenhouse gas emissions than a beef burger and requires 93% less land to produce.

Ready Burger, CEO and Co-founder Max Miller explains: “Plant-based food served hot, fresh and without the premium price tag is our passion. So, offering delivery opens up that many more doors for us. We’ve been overwhelmed with the support already shown by Crouch End locals, so being able to get out there and deliver is a great step. Our menus can be enjoyed by almost anyone, from vegans, to vegetarians, flexitarians to carnivores, and we know you’ll find an option you love, whatever your taste and wherever you want to enjoy it!”

Ready Burger is now open at 16 Park Road, London, N8 8TD, open Monday – Sunday, 12 noon – 12am. Ready Burger is also set to open a second restaurant on Finchley Road later this summer with a third and fourth site already in the pipeline. Ready Burger is on a mission to bring affordable, sustainable, plant-based options to more and more people across the country.

Ready Burger Gets Set to Launch In Crouch End

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