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Japanese Company Created New Vegan Egg - NEXT EGG

Japanese Company Created New Vegan Egg - NEXT EGG

by Agi Kaja

Next Meats, the Japanese alternative meat company announced they have successfully developed a new vegan egg, the NEXT EGG 1.0.

The NEXT EGG is 100% plant based and is a perfect egg replacement for vegans and people who suffer from egg allergies. 

Currently there is almost no commercial vegan egg options to choose from in Japan. The company says, it's a first sustainable egg substitute in the country.

The new product can successfully replace traditional egg in vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as in baking. 

Surprisingly, Japan is the world's second largest egg consumer after Mexico. However, the environmental and ethical problems of the production process are not widely known by Japanese consumers. 

Ryo Shirai, CEO of Next Meats Holdings says through the commercialisation of the NEXT EGG, the company hopes to raise awareness of the issues that surround egg production, and lessen the industry's carbon footprint by offering their new, sustainable vegan egg. 

Based in Tokyo, Next Meats was founded in 2017. It is a food-tech company that specialises in the research and development of Japanese-style vegan alternative meat products. In December 2020 they announced their partnership with Toyota-Tsusho Corporation. 

Next Meats is currently selling their alternative proteins in 9 countries. The NEXT EGG is scheduled to be released in Japan first and then launched in other countries worldwide.

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