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Freaks Of Nature Go Over The Spoon

Freaks Of Nature Go Over The Spoon

by Agi Kaja

British dairy-free dessert company Freaks of Nature has changed its name to Over The Spoon and launched what it claims to be the first vegan gluten-free trifle in the UK.

The new vegan dessert is made with gluten-free sponge cake, compote from British strawberries, dairy-free custard, and dairy-free vanilla cream.

“Launching the world’s first dairy and gluten-free, vegan trifle is another feather in the cap of our brilliant Dessertologists,” said Over The Spoon’s UK Managing Director Tim Wild. “The world is waking up to the sustainable eating conversation but most people find milk alternatives a jump too far. Our desserts are a much simpler and more enjoyable swap.”

Over the Spoon’s dairy-free range also features Belgian Chocolate Mousse, Melty Chocolate Fudge Pud and Zingy Lemon Cheesecake. 

Last year, Over The Spoon invested £1 million in new manufacturing equipment to increase the production by 400%. The brand Freaks Of Nature was also chosen a “Plant-Based Dessert Brand to Watch” by Pure NPD.

The new branding aims to help the company to appeal to non-vegan customers. 

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