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Bournville Buttons No Longer Vegan After Ingredients List Update

Bournville Buttons No Longer Vegan After Ingredients List Update

by Agi Kaja

Bournville Chocolate - one of the UK vegans' favourite treats is sadly no longer suitable for vegans.

The Bournville brand belong to Cadburry which is now owned by food giant Mondelez International. The chocolate buttons have been one of the popular 'accidentally vegan' products and one of the vegan staples. 

Vegan Food UK revealed the news in a post on their Instagram. The caption says: "Bournville have decided to add dairy into their buttons. This information needs to be shared quickly! 

"As this product has ended up being a sweet treat staple for many vegans in the UK.
The buttons have been, by default, accidentally vegan ever since they were launched, having Dairy as a "May Contain" allergen warning.
Now @cadburyuk have added milk as an active ingredient, which makes them 100% NOT VEGAN
This is really sad times as we all know the cruelty to cows in using dairy in anything."

The announcement left vegan fans disappointed. Many of them are wondering if they can still eat the product. 

"Ewww no thanks," commented one of the fans under the post.

"Oh no that’s a shame!!!", wrote another one. 

Another one added: "This is actually ridiculous and so unnecessary"

According to website, Cadbury said the product recipe was not changed – only the way the ingredients have to be listed is different. 

The company stated: “The quality and safety of our products is of paramount importance; we have updated this packaging to further protect consumers from allergens as our knowledge and regulations evolve. Due to use of shared manufacturing equipment, we must now declare that our products may contain milk solids. The recipe for Cadbury Bournville has not changed. We have updated our packaging labels to align to new regulations that aims to provide consumers with guidance on potential allergen ingredients in food products.”

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