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Moby Wrote A Cookbook With 125 Vegan Recipes And Donates All The Profits To Animals

Moby Wrote A Cookbook With 125 Vegan Recipes And Donates All The Profits To Animals

by Agi Kaja

Vegan musician and animal activist Moby revealed that he is releasing a vegan cookbook in September. The singer announced that all profits from the book would be donated to the animal charity.

Named after his Los Angeles vegan restaurant Little Pine The Little Pine Cookbook will contain a collection of 125 vegan recipes.

Among the selected plant-based recipes, readers will find the restaurant's most popular dishes, such as orecchiette with braised leeks, asparagus and English peas, fried cauliflower with kimchi aioli, chocolate and butterscotch pudding.

Moby wrote in his post on Instagram: "And of course it is my plan to give away any and all profits that I make from the sale of the book."

"Working to create a world wherein animals are allowed to live their own lives, free from human interference, is my life's work, and I could never look at veganism as a way to personally profit."

Moby has been vegan for over 32 years. He donated all the profits from his latest album Everything is Beautiful, and Nothing Hurts, and his 2019 memoir, Then It Fell Apart to animal organisations. He also

He opened his vegan restaurant in 2015. Little Pine is one of the world’s most acclaimed vegan restaurant and one of the most charitable restaurants in the world. From the beginning, the diner was donating 100 per cent of its profits to animal charities.  

At the moment, the business is operated by local vegan investors who continue to support animal causes.

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