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Valentino Will Stop Using Angora Rabbit Fur In Its Future Collections

Valentino Will Stop Using Angora Rabbit Fur In Its Future Collections

by Agi Kaja

Italian luxury fashion brand Valentino has announced that it will stop using Angora rabbit as a part of its plan to becoming a more environmentally-friendly company.

Since 1960 Valentino has used Angora - a fluffy fabric made to make sweaters, jackets and coats. The brand will not use Angora starting from its upcoming 2022 autumn/winter collection.

Earlier this year, the fashion house banned fur from all of the future collections, joining other fashion brands such as Burberry, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

Recently, PETA's investigation exposed animal cruelty on angora farms in China (90% of the fibre comes from there). PETA says 'most rabbits used for angora are kept in cramped, filthy cages surrounded by their own waste'. The animals are stretched across boards before their fur is torn out by sharp tools while they helplessly scream in pain. Others are tied up and 'their fur is cut or shorn, and their delicate skin is cut open by the sharp tools as the they desperately try to escape. They have to endure this agony every three months.

There are no standards and regulations for animal treatment in these farms and no penalties for abusing the animals in China.

PETA celebrated Valentino's decision. The animal charity said: “The future of fashion lies in materials that no animal had to suffer or die for.

“We applaud Valentino’s decision to continue on its path towards cruelty-free fashion by eliminating alpaca, fur, and now angora from its collections and encourage other brands to follow its lead.”

Valentino CEO Jacopo Venturini commented: "The fur-free stance is perfectly in line with the values of our company.

"We are moving full-steam ahead in the research for alternative materials in view of a greater attention to the environment for the upcoming collections."

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