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Health Campaign Launching During 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Led By Dairy-Free Olympians

Health Campaign Launching During 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games Led By Dairy-Free Olympians

by Agi Kaja

Olympic silver medalist cyclist Dotsie Bausch has joined forces with 15 fellow dairy-free Olympians (both retired and competing) and leading plant-based food companies to launch the Eat Like an Olympian (ELAO) health campaign.

Switch4Good is a nonprofit organisation raising awareness about the problems associated with consuming dairy and helping people make the switch to dairy-free diet. The charity is educating others about the benefits of going dairy free. It provides dairy-free recipes and nutrition advice as well as information about how dairy impacts the environment, health, fitness, food justice and animals.

The dairy-free lifestyle is gaining traction in sport due to the health and performance benefits athletes experience. Athletes often report reduced inflammation, better respiratory function, faster recovery times, and more energy when training after ditching dairy. 

Dairy-free diet is beneficial not only for athletes. When people remove dairy, it no longer wreaks havoc on the gastrointestinal system. They feel more energised, without bloat, gas, stomach pain, or other digestive issues, individuals enjoy a higher quality of life and feel enabled to live better and do more.

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The social media-driven campaign will empower, educate, and equip the general public with Olympic-level, plant-strong nutrition information to help them optimise their health, live better, and do more. The campaign will run during of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games from July 23 to August 8, 2021. Participants receive tips, recipes, discounts and more.

"Anyone can eat like an Olympian and see the health and performance benefits," said Olympic silver medalist and Executive Director of Switch4Good Dotsie Bausch. "We hope this fun and informative campaign will educate and inspire others about the benefits of a plant-based, dairy-free diet."

In addition to the educational component, followers will be challenged to play along with the Eat Like an Olympian virtual BINGO board. Each day during the games, Switch4Good will release a new healthy habit that participants must complete to be eligible to win prizes in one of three categories—Gold, Silver and Bronze. These daily BINGO challenges include ordering non-dairy milk at the coffee shop, challenging a friend, or being active in a new way. Winners will be announced the day after the Closing Ceremonies on August 9.

Throughout the campaign, those who sign up will gain exclusive invitations to Instagram Live streaming sessions with Olympians and plant-based changemakers. Participants will also receive discounts on products from the campaign’s plant-based partners, recipes, and member-only content including exclusive insights into what plant-based Olympians eat before competing, athlete nutrition and performance tips, and myth-busting facts about athlete nutrition.

Anyone can sign up here:

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