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Impossible Foods To Launch Vegan Chicken Nuggets In Autumn

Impossible Foods To Launch Vegan Chicken Nuggets In Autumn

by Agi Kaja

Plant-based food tech company Impossible Foods revealed its plans to release vegan chicken nuggets in autumn. 

Impossible plans to first roll out the new vegan product to restaurants, with supermarket launch to follow later. The nuggets will be presented for the first time at a trade show this week. 

According to Bloomberg, the nuggets will not contain of heme, the controversial ingredient Impossible used in their plant-based burgers. Heme is made with genetically engineered yeast and aims to mimic blood and make plant-based meat taste like meat. This is something that has prevented Impossible from selling its burgers and sausages in Europe and Asia.

But when it comes to chicken products heme is not necessary. The white meat of real chicken, does not contain a lot of heme. The Impossible Foods plant-based chicken nuggets is mostly made with soy protein and sunflower oil.

“We found in a nugget format, which is breaded and has some seasoning, it really wasn’t that necessary.” Laura Kilman, a flavour scientist with Impossible, told Bloomberg

Earlier this month, Impossible's rival Beyond Meat launched chicken tenders in US restaurants. “We’ve been busy with other things,” Dennis Woodside, Impossible Foods president, told Bloomberg

According to Reuters, Impossible is looking to go public through an IPO or SPAC merge. 

Agi Kaja

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