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Actress Jessica Biel Launched Plant-based Health Brand For Kids

Actress Jessica Biel Launched Plant-based Health Brand For Kids

by Tiago Pita

Emmy-Award winning actress and producerJessica Biel and natural products entrepreneur Jeremy Adams teamed up to create Kinderfarms, a clean plant-based wellness brand for families with kids. 

As parents of young kids, Biel and Adams were searching for products that were both effective and fit with their values. When they didn't find what they were looking for, they came together alongside co-founder Greg Willsey to launch their own plant-based health brand for kids. 

"As a parent, I want to find products that are effective and also free of unnecessary artificial ingredients. That's why I am excited to be a part of the Kinderfarms family, a company that shares the same values when it comes to what we give our kids.", said Jessica Biel.

Kindersprout is a delicious, plant-based organic protein shake for kids. It has more vitamins and minerals than the leading brand and more calcium than dairy based alternatives. It is also allergen-friendly so a safe option for school lunchboxes.

The company's flagship product, Kinderlyte is natural, medical-grade hydration and helps with all forms of dehydration from illness to sports, travel or even a late night out. Unlike other pediatric and adult electrolyte solutions, Kinderlyte is made without artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours.

"As parents of young kids ourselves, we're committed to making clean, effective health options accessible to as many families as possible. By continuing to give existing categories a clean makeover, giving back 1% of sales, and partnering with retailers nationwide, we hope to raise the standard of care for children at home and around the world.", said Jeremy Adams, CEO.

Kinderfarms is on a mission to provide healthy plant-based options that parents can trust across health and wellness categories for kids and families.

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