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Delicious & Nutritious Tilda Rice Range Lands In TheVeganKind Supermarket

Delicious & Nutritious Tilda Rice Range Lands In TheVeganKind Supermarket

by Agi Kaja

Rice brand Tilda is now available to buy online from TheVeganKind Supermarket.

Tilda's broad range combines a variety of natural superfoods with wholesome, fully nutritious grains offering a unique and balanced blend that gives you the best of taste and health benefits.

The vegan range features both dry rice products from Tilda Super Grains, as well as steamed and microwave rice products from Tilda Microwave Rice, and Tilda Kids - all made with ethically sourced ingredients.

The range includes wholegrain rice, long grain rice, super grains varieties such as Garlic & Ginger, Lemon & Herbs, Sweet Potato Chilli & Coconut, and different variants of dried and microwave Basmati such as Pure Basmati, Brown Basmati Rice, White & Brown Basmati, Spicy Mexican Rice, Firecracker Hot Spicy Basmati, Caribbean Rice & Peas, Coconut Chilli & Lemongrass Rice, Peri Peri Rice, Lime & Coriander Rice, Mushroom Basmati, Pilau Basmati, Lemon & Herbs Rice, Basmati & Quinoa, and different variations of Jasmine rice.

Additionally, three vegan kids products are available now, including Kids' Sunshine Vegetable Rice, Kids' Mild Curry Rice, and Kids' Vegetable & Wholegrain Rice.

Tilda microwave rice products are quick and easy to prepare. They can be enjoyed on their own, taking two minutes to heat up in the microwave or a few minutes to stir fry in a pan. The company says that each of the combinations has been blended for its taste and texture, as well as unique nutritional benefits.

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Tilda is a multicultural British brand that has been the go-to choice for rice aficionados for 50 years. Founded back in London in 1970, they introduced Pure Basmati to rice-loving communities from around the world, who were looking for aromatic Basmati that they couldn't find in the UK at the time. Today they are proud to sit at the heart of many dinner tables with their wide, delicious range.

All Tilda products are made with carefully sourced, natural ingredients so they're all nutritionally balanced and packed with natural goodness. By removing broken and inferior grains, Tilda makes sure that their rice cooks up perfectly.

Tilda makes choosing the right rice for the right vegan recipe easy, allowing you to select the best grains so that you enjoy the most delicious flavour combinations and all of the authenticity of the original dish. So whether it's a vegan curry with a sticky, fragrant Jasmine rice, a vibrant vegan jambalaya with textured Long Grain adding bite, or a delicious plant-based biriyani with slender, delicate Basmati – the rice you choose can really elevate your favourite vegan dish. Tilda is perfect for those seeking health without compromising on taste.

Just like TheVeganKind, Tilda is making healthy products accessible to everyone. All of Tilda's vegan rice products are now available in TheVeganKind Supermarket with a price range from £1.00 to £2.00.

Tilda Regional Account Manager, Luke Dalley, said: "Tilda is delighted to be working with a successful and ethical company like TheVeganKind. Our partnership is built out of a love for all things food and giving the customer the option of getting the right ingredients for the right occasion. Whether it is cooking from scratch with dry Jasmine, Basmati or Brown Basmati rice or the convenience of our microwave packs, we can offer you all the ingredients for the perfect Indian, Sri Lankan, Mexican, Thai or South American cuisine. Our range also offers the ability to create a whole food bowl with just a few added ingredients or our perfectly sized Tilda kids rice packs for those little ones in your life. Elevate your plate with Tilda rice."

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