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THIS Is Looking To Hire A Plant-based Meat Sommelier

THIS Is Looking To Hire A Plant-based Meat Sommelier

by Agi Kaja

London-based plant-based meat company THIS is recruiting the world's first Vegan Meat Sommelier. 

THIS offers an interesting job position to a UK citizen, over the age of 18 who has an "understanding of meat”, "one of the finest palates in the UK” and an “Olympically trained tongue that is relentless in its pursuit of perfection.”

The job announcement says: "You will be the first swallow and the final chew of every product before they hit the shelves.” The chosen candidate will have to taste 20 meats during one day and provide relevant feedback comparing THIS and other plant-based meat alternatives. These will be four tastings per month and will pay £2000 for the two-month contract, starting in August.

The Vegan Meat Sommelier will work with the company’s innovation team to help them develop new hyper-realistic plant-based meat products that don't compromise on texture and taste.

Candidates have to create videos that demonstrate their qualifications for the position and share them using the #THISMEATSOMMELIER on social media. 

Andy Shovel, Co-founder of THIS, says: “For far too long, the owners of the most astute palates in the country have only had one appropriate career opportunity – to work in the wine trade.

“We are now excited to give those turbo-tongued heroes and heroines a chance to diversify.”

THIS is the UK’s leading brand of hyper-realistic ground-breaking plant-based products attractive for both meat lovers and vegans. Last month, the company announced it had raised £11 million investment after a year of record-breaking growth in sales. This was the largest plant-based meat investment in a round in the UK. The new funding will be used to expand research and development as well as ‘an exciting pipeline’ of new products.

Agi Kaja

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