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Yeah, That's Vegan! - Accidentally Vegan Products Land In TheVeganKind Supermarket

Yeah, That's Vegan! - Accidentally Vegan Products Land In TheVeganKind Supermarket

by Agi Kaja

Everything is vegan in TheVeganKind online store!

We've just added a specially curated selection of the some of the most popular products in the country that just happen to be 100% vegan! 

From fondly remembered treats of your childhood to crisps and plant-based sauces. Oreo, Skittles, Pringles, Starbust and more... Check our accidentally vegan products range. 

All items are suitable for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.

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Oreo - Double Creme Chocolate Sandwich Biscuits

The world's favourite accidentally vegan biscuits in a double creme edition are now at TVK! Ideal for dunking in your warm plant-based milk. Made with only vegan ingredients! How cool is that!

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Skittles Fruits Sweets 

Skittles are most likely everyone's favourite childhood sweets and they are also accidentally vegan. These colourful cheewy sweets are packed with fruity flavours including lemon, blackcurrant, strawberry, lime and orange. Simply delicious summer flavours for everyone! 

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Pringles - Original 

Who knew that Original flavour Pringles are accidentally vegan?! They are fully suitable for vegan and anyone who loves great tasting potato chips! Enjoy in the evening while watching Seaspiracy or serve them on your buffet at all kinds of vegan parties. 

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Starburst - Original Fruit Chews

Everyone's favourite fruity sweet chews with real concentrated fruit juice. What's your favourite juice? Orange, Strawberry, Lemon & Lime and Blackcurrant... Starburst have it all. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans (Vegan Society approved.)

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    Lotus - Biscoff & Go - Biscuit Spread and Breadsticks

    Belgian biscuit company Lotus Biscoff invented their carmel in 1932 since they are offering amazing cookies, biscuits, delicious sauces and spreads. Lotus Biscuit Spread and Breadsticks is just one of the many vegan offerings from this brand. It's the ultimate dunk and go snack for all biscoff lovers!

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    Sweetzone - Vegan Fizzy Bears

    Go back in time and enjoy sweets just like you remember from your childhood! Scottish company Sweetzone make an amazing range of vegan treats sure to delight everyone. The accidentally vegan range includes Candy Floss, Jelly Sweets, Belts & Pencils (Liquorice), and more.

    Crisps chips popcorn mackie s crispy bacon crisps 150g 1.jpg

    Mackie's - Crispy Bacon Crisps

    Crispy bacon that is vegan!  Now, you can enjoy the smoky baconish aroma and salty tang while being vegan. You will find it in Mackie’s potato crisps! You don't need to wait for breakfast and you don't need a frying... you can have it at any time of the day. 

    Other snacks manner original neapolitan wafers 75g 1.jpg

    Manner - Original Neapolitan Wafers

    The classic Neapolitan Wafers are Manner's best selling product and they are entirely vegan. They are made of five layers of tender wafers filled with four layers of delicate hazelnut cocoa cream, containing 12% real hazelnuts. They were invented in 1898 by Josef Manner and the basic recipe remain unchanged to this day. 

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    Old El Paso - Thick 'n' Chunky Mild Salsa

    Mexican fiesta for the whole family! This thick, chunk-filled plant-based tomato salsa by masters of the game Old El Paso makes an ideal dipping sauce for all kinds of vegan sides including tacos, crisps and veggies! 

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    Bendicks - Bittermints

    Bendicks Bittermints are traditional chocolate snacks that are accidentally vegan. Made with intense mint fondant is harmonised with indulgent, dark, 95% cocoa solids chocolate to deliver the unique Bendicks experience.

    Jammie Dodgers - 8 Raspberry Flavour Biscuits

    One of the UK's all time favourite biscuits is confirmed vegan! These shortcake biscuits with a raspberry and apple jam filling are delicious. Perfect with tea and coffee. Enjoy with our entire family! They are free from artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, hydrogenated fat and GMO. 

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        Tony's Chocolonely - 51% Fairtrade Dark Chocolate with Almonds & Sea Salt

        This vegan chocolate bar has got it everything a chocolate lover wants! Lots of cocoa, almonds and sea salt. What a delicious vegan combination! \

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